Personal calendar 2000

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The landscape around the town of Dubá (Northern Bohemia) has fascinated me many years ago, when I started to climb on sandstone pillars which are hidden in forests. Many of them have not been ascent yet, therefore my climbing is joined also with a duty to refer on it; I co-authored two guidebooks for climbers in the area.

Gradually, my interest in climbing in the Dubá area has been supplemented by geomorphologic, geological, archaeological and historical topics related to the landscape. I noted that many landscape-paintings depicting the area, both romantic and modern, do not show the rocks as I personally see them. The only resolution was to try to make my own paintings which are included in the calendar. I am sure they are severely limited by my ignorance of painting technique but they perhaps contain some geological and/or geomorphologic information.

Just the last note: to explain, why the paintings were signed ”Chobot”. Finishing the first one (October: The Houska Castle), my daughter Helena (then 5) asked me to sign it. I was ashamed of signing such a daubing, so I promptly elected a nickname.