Office: Institute of Geology of the CAS, v. v. i., Laboratory of Geological Processes, Rozvojova 269, 165 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic | see the contacts at this institute 


Status: Emeritus Scientist - Academical, i.e., appointed by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences as a "Research Professor Emeritus" of the CAS.


Papers and other output: bibliography references only | see also WoS and Scopus, where Hladil J is a unique author's name. 


Related pages in use: iDTW - An internet application with basic dynamic time warping algorithm – On-Line Computation of DTW Alignments | Czech IGCP pages (1994 – 2017) – Czech Committee for IGCP and related activities

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Miscellanea (if required by users): Givetian The MS-DTW correlation of the Givetian platform limestones between the Central Europe and South China

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“True science teaches us to doubt and, in ignorance, to refrain”. Claude Bernard (1813-1878) [ “La vraie science apprend à douter et à s'abstenir dans l'ignorance.” Reference: Bernard C (1865) Introduction a l'étude de la médecine expérimentale. J.B. Baillière et Fils, Paris, 400 p.; p. 96. ]