Acknowledgements to co-workers

Participants of the NAMAK Project would like to express their thanks to F. Anwar and B. Dareshouri, Heads of the Qeshm Free Zone Organization and their co-workers (especially to E. Zobeiri and M. R. Ghaseminezhad) for their support during the fieldwork in Qeshm and Hormoz Islands and to M. Zebarjad, Head of the International Section of Shiraz University in Qeshm Island, for his support during preparing of expeditions. Many thanks also to the staff of Department of Earth Sciences of Shiraz University (especially to MR. Chamanchorshied) for technical support during the expeditions in years 2003-2010.
Through the years, the NAMAK project was supported by several projects provided by various agencies and institutions: Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (projects B301110501 and KJB315040801); Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GACR103/07/1467); Institutional Research Plan of Institute of Geology, AS CR (AV0Z30130516); research project of Charles University in Prague (MSM00216220855); and Institutional Research Plan of  Czech Geological Survey (ZP0002579801). The participants would also like to thank to the sponsors and supporting subjects: Českomoravský Cement Co., Heidelberger Cement Group (financial support in 2003 and 2006); Royal Dutch Airlines – KLM (support in 1999, 2000); Služby výpočetní technice and Nadace Joachima Barranda (support in 1998 -2000); AQH, s.r.o. Praha and  DATA Help (financial support in 2009, 2010); and to the partners of the Expedition foundation in 2010 (GUMOTEX, HUMI Outdoor, Evropská cestovní pojišťovna a www.HedvabnaStezka.cz). Staff of the Irano-Škoda  Co., Tehran, especially P. Kroc are acknowledged for co-operation during our stays in Tehran and also for help in the field. 
Participants of expedition in 1998-2000 thanks to S. Lancarani and B. Oveisi from Iranian Geological Survey, to M. Farnoodi, Mr. Vadút, A. Movahedpour and also to P. Vohanka and J. Koloušek. P. Jakeš and J. Herskovič are acknowledged for their valuable cooperation with TV report during the expedition. Some material help afforded also (alphabetically):Blažek Z., Bosák P., Goliáš V., P. Jakeš, Kadlec J., Kaifoš D., Kroc P.,  Nasiri A., Novák Knak M., Lankarani S., Sádovská Vědma E., Sluka M., Uličný D., Vysoká H. and Záruba I. are thanked for lending the special equipment for cave mapping, exploratoin and documentation and for providing valuable information (P.B.).
Great help for us was the valuable co-operation with IT specialists Petr Trafina (in years 2000-2011) and Michal Molhanec (since 2012).   
Finally, we also would like to thank to our families, which tolerated and supported our exploration ambitions and self-fulfillment in the Iranian salt karst.

Small support

Lékárna U zlatého lva v Hranicích (2004, 2005)
NAMCHE Bazaar Praha (2004)
Gemma Brno (2004)