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Konkurzní řízení na obsazení míst výzkumných pracovníků

Ředitel Geologického ústavu AV ČR, v. v. i. vyhlašuje výběrové řízení na obsazení míst vědeckých pracovníků.

A new book "Landscape and geodiversity" was published (in Czech)

The book subtitled "Inanimate nature as a basis for landscape and cultural values" was recently published in co-operation with Mendel University in Brno and the Institute of Geology of the CAS, v. v. i. It is authored by Aleš Bajer, Vojen Ložek, Lenka Lisá and Václav Cílek.

An article about Leona Chadimová was published in the Vesmír journal (in Czech)

Marek Janáč published an article "Leona Chadimová: Beauties in the Dust" of the series "I work for the Czech Academy of Sciences" in No. 11 of the Vesmír journal. It deals not only with research activities of our colleague but also with her own pathway to science.

Field excursion within the Open Days 2015

Field excursion with students of the Evolution Secondary Grammar School in Prague took place on November 2, 2015. Its purpose was to investigate important geologic sections and fossil collection sites at Řeporyje (under the guidance of Radek Mikuláš).

Photogenic Science

The second year of the contest Photogenic Science marked the success of staff of the Institute of Geology of the CAS again. The first prize was awarded to Pavel Lisý for his rock art photo titled “I keep on burning”. Besides, photographs taken by Leona Chadimová and Lukáš Krmíček were selected for publication in a calendar to be used for the presentation of Czech science to partners of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
For more information see photogalery.

Geological research in the ancient city Petra, Jordan

Scientist of the Institute, Michal Filippi, participated in summer on archeological and geological works in the ancient rock city of Petra in Jordan. For complete information see here.
For more information see here.

Field work of members of the International Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy in Uzbekistan for redefinition of the global stratotype (GSSP) of the basal Emsian boundary

In August 2015, Ladislav Slavík and Aneta Hušková took part in fieldwork under the auspices of the International Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy in Tien-Shan Mountains in Uzbekistan. The main task of the small international team of specialists was resampling of the geological section in Zinzilban Gorge for obtaining new data for future redefinition of the international stratotype (GSSP) of the basal Emsian boundary. We have taken around 150 kg samples for biostratigraphy, which will be shipped and then processed in three laboratories (University of Valencia, RAS Novosibirsk and Institute of Geology).

Study of the Permian tropical forest in Inner Mongolia, China

Two scientists of the Institute, Jiří Bek and Jana Frojdová, participated in international excavations of Permian tropical forests at the Wuda site, Inner Mongolia, China. The tropical forest was buried by volcanic ash and all plants are preserved in their original growth positions. The team excavated a large area of over one square kilometre, which yielded rich material of Permian plants, finds as large as several metres, and even whole fossil plants.

Description of a new species of calciphilous Cortinarius from the Bohemian Karst

Biogeochemist Jan Borovička participated in the description of a new macrofungal species named Cortinarius prodigiosus. This beautifully colored species occurs on xerothermic stands on Ca-rich soils and has been reported, among others, from several sites in the Bohemian Karst. The paper was published in the Mycological Progress journal.

For complete information see here.

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