History of the Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Geological sciences have undergone a complicated history in the Academy of Sciences. After the foundation of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1952, the Central Geological Institute was incorporated in the Academy of Sciences. With respect to its specialization and extent of its scientific activities, however, it was excluded again. As early as in 1957, four specialized Geological Laboratories for paleontology, engineering geology, pedology and geochemistry were established and included in the Academy of Sciences. With the growing tendency for a higher complexity of scientific research, two geologically orientated institutes were founded in 1960: the Geological Institute Acad. Sci. and the Institute of Geochemistry and Raw Materials Acad. Sci., which were joined to form the Geological Institute Acad. Sci. in 1964. As a part of numerous organisation and administrative changes in 1968–1989, the Institute of the Experimental Mineralogy and Geochemistry was established and included within the Geological Institute Acad. Sci. again. The Institute of Geology and Geotechnics was formed by merging the Mining Institute Acad. Sci. and the Geological Inst. Acad. Sci in 1979. The Geological Institute Acad. Sci. was re-established in 1990.

Structural geology, magnetostratigraphy, petrology, geochemistry of endogenous and exogenous processes, economic geology, phytopaleontology including microphytopaleontology, zoopaleontology of vertebrates and invertebrates and paleoecology, together with Quaternary geology, geoarchaeology and environmental sciences belong to the traditional fields of study in the Institute. PhD. studies in the above mentioned specializations were initiated and the Institute is now recognized as a top postgraduate training centre. Bilateral as well as multilateral co-operation on a broad spectrum of internationally organized projects (e.g., IGCP, PAGES, Environmental history of the Egyptian Western Desert) and a series of grant projects belong among the characteristic features of research. Grant projects and projects in cooperation with industrial sphere are the fundamental tasks of the present-day the Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.