Open days

Open Days:
Open days usually take place in November (Thursday and Friday), in the main building of the institute. The date will be announced about a month before the event. Contact person - Radek Mikuláš (phone: 734 637 090).

Open days belong to the Week of Science and Technology.

Photogalery from 2019:
Week of Science and Technology 2019

Photogalery from 2016:
Children 2016

Photogalery from 2015:
2nd November (field excursion in Řeporyje)

Photogalery from 2014:
6 to 7th November

Photogaleries from 2010:
1st Noveber (field excursion in Praha-Libeň)
2nd November (guided tour of the acid laboratory)
3rd November (guided tour of the main building)
4th November (guided tour of the main building)