Device equipment

The most important instrumental equipment

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Determination of the chemical composition

Phase analyses

Magnetic and physical properties of rocks

  • MAVACS Magnetic Vacuum Control System with the triaxial HELICOS Helmholz Induction Coil System, ROCOMA Rotating Coil Magnetometer and ICCON Induction Coil Control Unit is a self-contained automatic system creating a limited non-magnetic space for paleomagnetic investigations. For example, thermal demagnetization of remanent magnetization is performed in an oven located in the center of the MAVACS system.
  • 2G 755 4K Superconducting Rock Magnetometer (SRM) with a 2G800 Automatic Sample Handler System and Applied Physics Systems 581 DC SQUID System is a very sensitive, liquid helium-free measurement system for determining the intensity and direction of natural remanent magnetization and for conducting alternating field demagnetization of remanent magnetization.
  • AGICO MFK1-FA Kappabridge is the most sensitive laboratory instrument for measuring of magnetic susceptibility and its anisotropy.
  • MMPM10 Magnetic Measurements Pulse Magnetiser is a high-field instrument for creating isothermal remanent magnetization.
  • High-pressure chamber is a unique device developed to study elastic anisotropy of rocks under high hydrostatic pressure on spherical samples.

Microscopic methods

  • OLYMPUS BX51 Optical polarizing microscope with the DP 70 digital camera and specialized QuickPHOTO software and a Deep Focus module is used for a detailed study of thin sections (in transmitted light) and polished sections (in reflected light).
  • OLYMPUS SZX 16 Optical binocular microscope with the CANON digital photocamera and specialized QuickPHOTO Micro software and a Deep Focus module is used for the documentation of samples, separation of sub-samples for other methods and, of course,, for imaging samples and details for publications.
  • ZEISS Imager. M1m Microscope connected to two monitors of a computer for a fission track analysis (FTA).