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A successful journal rating of the Bulletin of Geosciences

The recently announced Impact Factors for 2014 showed an increase in the IF of the Bulletin of Geosciences to
1.515. At the moment, it is the 5th best rated journal in the Czech Republic and the 13th best rated
palaeontological journal world-wide. This success was also contributed by members of the Editorial Board – staff
members of the Institute of Geology CAS, v.v.i. (Jindřich Hladil, Ladislav Slavík, Petr Štorch, Jan Wagner and
Jaroslav Zajíc).

Wild Nature of Prague

The Academia publishing house recently released a rather unusual guidebook of Prague, titled “Divoká příroda Prahy” (Nature wilderness of Prague). “It offers a completely different perspective of the city, searching for nature that develops spontaneously, with limited human interference”, says geologist Radek Mikuláš, one of the authors.
Click here for an interview including an audio recording fot the English broadcast of the "Radio Praha".

A field trip for the public - outcrops in Silurian and Devonian sedimentary rocks

During the Spring Science Weeks of the Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Geology organized several field trips for the public. On June 2, Silurian and Devonian rocks in the neighbourhood of Praha-Řeporyje were demonstrated by geologist Radek Mikuláš to students of the Primary School of Roudnice nad Labem.

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Radek Mikuláš in the Meteor radio programme

The recently published book “Wild Nature of Prague and its Close Surroundings” is authored by geologist Radek Mikuláš and botanist J.A. Šturma. In this book, the authors explain that the “wild nature” develops rather spontaneously, regardless of human intentions. This may happen in the mountains as well as in an abandoned quarry, or on a slope afforested a hundred years ago. Such a slope in the Barrandov city district, vegetated by a wild forest, was visited by the authors, accompanied by – somewhat surprised – newsmen from the Czech Radio.
The recorded broadcast is here (in Czech)

The Radek Melka Prize for the best paper of the CETeG 2015 Conference awarded to Filip Tomek

     At the 13th Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Groups (CeTeG), Filip Tomek received
     the Radek Melka Prize for his paper “Magma flow paths and strain patterns in magma chambers
     growing by floor subsidence: a model based on magnetic fabric study of shallow-level plutons in
     the Štiavnica volcano–plutonic complex, Western Carpathians” published in the Bulletin of
     Volcanology last year. Filip Tomek is a PhD. student working for the Institute of Geology of the
     CAS. This study revealed complex magma flow patterns and mechanisms of magma chamber
     construction on the example of the Štiavnica stratovolcano, Western Carpathians.
                                                        See the illustration figure here.

Exhibition of palaeontological and anthropological reconstructions opened at Nový Jičín

     An exhibition named "Journeys to prehistory or In the footsteps of Zdeněk Burian" will be
     displayed in the New Gallery of the Žerotín Chateau at Nový Jičín from 12 May to 6 September
     2015. The palaeontological and anthropological reconstructions are authored by Jaroslav Bažant,
     Pavel Dvorský, Petr Modlitba, Jiří Svoboda and Jiří Teichmann.
     See the exhibition poster in Czech here.

Prof. RNDr. Zbyněk Roček, DrSc. appointed an Emeritus Scientist of the Czech Academy of Sciences

     Prof. RNDr. Zbyněk Roček, DrSc. was appointed an Emeritus Scientist of the Czech Academy
     of Sciences for his successful lifework and his merits in the development of the Institute and in
     vertebrate palaeontology.
     See the photo of Prof. Roček here.

RNDr. Václav Houša, CSc. – uncompleted 80th birthday

     The outstanding  Czech paleontologist and a former director of the Institute of Geology CAS
     RNDr. Václav Houša, CSc. would celebrate  his 80th birthday on April 7, 2015.

The unique Centre for Didactics of Geology will be opened in Říčany

    The Centre for Didactic of Geology will be ceremonially opened on April 9th 2015 at 14.00. One of the
    collaborators is Petr Schnabl from the Institute of Geology CAS, v. v. i. The ceremony will take place at
    the garden of the 1st Elementary School Říčany at Masaryk square.
    The invitation card (in Czech) is here.

Professor Zdeněk V. Špinar - memorial meeting

    The memorial meeting at the occasion of the centenary birth and twenty years death celebration of the outstanding
    Czech palaeontologist Professor Zdeněk V. Špinar will take place in the meeting room of the Institute of Geology AS
    CR, v. v. i. on 11th November 2015.
    The invitation is downloadable here (in Czech).

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