A documentary on rock arches

“Mysterious force controlling sandstone erosion”, “The spirit of rocks”, “The intelligent organism”, “Mystery of rock arches solved after 150 years”: those were some of the titles presented by media from all over the world at the break of July and August 2014. Of course, it was an exaggeration and a commitment of the journalists to attract the audience... and to sell. This mass-media avalanche was triggered by a paper published in the NATURE Geoscience journal. This paper was the first to demonstrably prove the principle essential for the evolution of rock arches and some other well-known sandstone monuments. The idea was so simple that many were of the opinion it must have been published many years before. If you attempted to learn something more about this idea, however, you failed in your search in scientific papers and monographs.
Now, in the year 2018, this discovery was released onto television screens and into the internet realm in the form of a documentary.
For the above mentioned original publication, see and for a popular article in Czech, see.
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