A summer course Geology of Lithium

A summer course Geology of Lithium

A summer course Geology of Lithium

Lithium is actually one of the most often discussed raw materials for modern technology. Efficient storage and conversion of energy from solar and wind power plants, and promoted electromobility will increase Li- battery consumption. Within the framework of the European Union's raw materials policy, lithium is sometimes referred to as a "critical raw materials". The Czech Massif represents a positive geological Li-anomaly within Europe and contains the largest potential Li-sources within the EU. The Variscan granites of the Erzgebirge are enriched in Li, and favorable conditions during their intrusion, crystallization and cooling have allowed the formation of economically usable concentrations of Li; the Cínovec/Zinnwald deposit bearing among then the most important.

The announced summer course, organized by the Czech Academy of Science, is designed to bring young scientists into the geology of lithium, in the theoretical and laboratory aspects, as well as the practical exploration of Li-raw materials.

Date: August 27 – September 1

Venue: chalet Cepín (hostel category), Mikulov v Krušných Horách (eastern Erzgebirge, Czech Republic)

Program of the course:

Day 1 – arrival to the Mikulov, accommodation, registration, introductory lecture

Day 2-4 – lectures:

K. Breiter (Czech Academy of Science): Geology and geochemistry of lithium in Variscan granites, Geology and mineral deposits of the Erzgebirge

M. Novák (Masaryk University Brno): Mineralogy of Li and Li-bearing pegmatites

M. Vašinová Galiová (Mendel University Brno): Chemical analyze of geological material focused to Li

T. Hrstka (Czech Academy of Science): Automated mineralogy for science and processing

Day 5 – excursion and final discussion

Day 6 – departure

Number of participants:

5 Msc or PhD-degree students from the Czech Republic

10 Msc. or PhD-degree students outside Czech Republic on basis first coming-first served

Fee for the non-Czech participants: the course including accommodation and meals is free, fully sponsored by the Czech Academy of Science. The student will cover only their travel expanses do Mikulov and back, and the admission to the historical tin mine at Zinnwald.

Fee for the Czech participants: will be set later

Contact person: Karel Breiter, Geological Institute, Czech Academy of Science, e-mail: breiteratgli [dot] cas [dot] cz

Detail information about traveling, accommodation and program will be send to the announced participants in May-June.

For downloadable files click below:
Preliminary program of the course