Photogenic Science: Pavel Lisý awarded first prize in “free category”

The white spreads out its nets

On October 10, results of the Photogenic Science 2019 contest were announced. Pavel Lisý of the Institute of Geology CAS was awarded the first prize in “free category” with his photograph “Bílá roztahuje svoje sítě – The white spreads out its nets”. The project Photogenic Science was initiated by the collective “Fórum Věda žije!” with the aim to organize a yearly photographic contest for the staff of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The result of the project is a representative calendar with selected photographs and the Photogenic Science exhibition, which will be presented not only in Prague but also at other places in Czech Republic and abroad. The exhibition is accessible in the American Center in Lesser Town of Prague (Tržiště 366/1, Praha 1) by October 29, 2019.