Relation between elastic moduli determined by seismic methods in laboratory and in the field

01.01.2009 - 31.12.2011
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Vladimír Rudajev
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is principal investigator
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Julie Erdingerová
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Vlastimil Filler
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Tomáš Lokajíček
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Roman Živor

Proposal is aimed to determination of longitudinal and shear wave velocity propagation in magmatic rocks, specification of dynamic moduli of these rocks and their anisotropy. Experiments will be carried out in laboratory and field conditions. Laboratory testing of sphere samples is based on ultrasonic sounding and monitoring of velocity changes in dependence on increasing hydrostatic pressure. Space distribution of sensors enables to determine elastic anisotropy under uniaxial loading. Rocks will be sampled from localities, where impact source seismic measurement will be realized. Field space dependence of velocities P and S waves will be examined analogically as in laboratory conditions. The question of S waves record will be solved by applying of special sensors and suitable orientation of seismic wave excitation. Sources of anisotropy under laboratory and field conditions (scaling factor) will be analysed and conversion relation between laboratory and field values will be assessed.