Soil cover of the protected areas of Prague as an indicator of environmental changes

03.01.2005 - 31.12.2007
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Anna Žigová
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is principal investigator
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Ústav struktury a mechaniky hornin AV ČR, v. v. i.

The project is aimed at the understanding of the elementary soil processes which contributed to the Pleistocene and Holocene development of structure soil cover in the protected areas of Prague. The wide spectrum of soil types will represent a basis for monitoring of environmental changes, soil regimes and specification of complex soil microprocesses. The environmental impacts can be characterized by a set of soil analyses primarily including soil micromorphology, mineralogy and clay mineralogy, geochemistry, geomorphology and malacozoology. The network of soil profiles will also permit a comparison of pedogenic processes with fossil soils whose individual developmental stages were affected by no human activity.