Three-dimensional reconstruction of a unique Devonian amphibian Ichthyostega

Esben Horn and Ichthyostega 3D

Professor Zbyněk Roček of the Institute of Geology CAS takes part in a three-dimensional reconstruction of a unique Devonian amphibian Ichthyostega, which is one of the earliest known terrestrial vertebrates living about 360 million years ago. The model is made by the Danish artist Esben Horn and his team from the 10 Tons Studio in Copenhagen. Under the permission of the 10 Tons Studio we are pleased to publish one of the first photos of the prepared reconstruction (see picture). Ichthyostega represents a key evolutionary stage in a transition of vertebrates between permanent water-dwellers and terrestrial tetrapods. The model will be installed in a permanent public exhibition in the National Museum in Prague after its main building becomes re-opened after its general reconstruction.