15th International Ichnofabric Workshop in Prague

A small cave at Děčínský Sněžník Hill. About ten fascinating trace fossils of the ichnogenus Asterosoma are hidden inside the accumulated sandstone blocks

Radek Mikuláš convened the 15th International Ichnofabric Workshop to Prague (April 27 – May 5, 2019). Thirty-two specialists from over the world presented recent contributions from the mainstream branch of ichnology, e.g., ichnofabrics of terrestrial systems. A special discussion block was devoted to the use of computed tomography in the study of ichnofabric. Despite severe health complications of the convenor, the workshop was held at the scheduled time and followed the previously announced plan of excursions. In result, most of the sites known to a few people only through publications were now visited and evaluated directly by the top ichnologists. See Web page and Abstracts & Guidebook.