Berriasian Working Group Meeting 2018 organized by the Institute of Geology CAS, v.v.i.

Photo by Kristýna Čížková

An international meeting of scientists interested in dating of rocks in the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary interval (Berriasian Working Group Meeting) was organized by Petr Schnabl, the head of the Laboratory of Palaeomagnetism, in May 2018. The conference was held at Kroměříž and was attended by another 5 scientists of the Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, colleagues from Charles University, Czech Geological Survey, Technical University in Ostrava and scientists from Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Hungary and China. This time interval is highly topical because the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary is the last boundary between two stratigraphic systems which has not been conclusively defined by a stratotype of the International Commission on Stratigraphy yet. The latest results of integrated research were presented and fieldtrips were made to important sites in the Czech Republic (Kurovice Quarry and Štramberk). For photo gallery click here.