Biochronology and taxonomy of the Middle Devonian polycystine Radiolaria of the Barrandian

03.01.2005 - 29.12.2006
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Petr A. Čejchan
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is principal investigator

Middle Devonian radiolaria were reported from the Barrandian formerly (Bouček, Petránek, Čejchan 1986, Braun & Budil 1999), indicating an ocurrence of a rich and diverse radiolarian fauna of quite unique stratigraphic position among the world's paleoziocradiolarian localities. However, this fauna has not been studied monographically yet. Both albaillellid and entactiniid polycystine radiolarians are present within the fauna. Previous studies indicate a presence of several evolutionary lineages ofceratoikiscids, with several new species characteristic of the Eifelian age. Radiolarian fauna is accompanied by megafauna of goniatites, bivalves, trilobites, etc., and, best of all, also by conodonts. Thus, the hopefully newly established localradiolarian zones would be able to be directly correlated with the standard conodont and goniatite zonations.