Brachiopods of the northern Calcareous Alps in the fossil record at the Triassic x Jurassic boundary

03.01.2005 - 30.12.2005
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Miloš Siblík
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is principal investigator

The main point of the project is the study of the development of the brachiopod assemblages through the Triassic x Jurassic boundary, and the detailed taxonomic revision of new finds of brachiopods with an accent on inner structures and variability ofthe external morphology of shells. The large comparative material of brachiopods from this stratigraphic span deposited in the collections in Innsbruck and Vienna will be also studied. Based on the detailed study of the characteristic localities andsections in the Northern Calcareous Alps, completed with the study of new brachiopod material, the changes in the representation of particular groups of brachiopods during the critical period of reduced marine asssemblages between the Uppermost Triassicand Lowermost Jurassic will be documented. The results of the palaeontological revision of brachiopods will be completed by new data gained recently by other geologists.