Climatic record of Marine Isotope Stage 3 in Moravia

The comparison of sedimentary sections as backgrounds for the original and revised chronostratigraphy.

The Last Ice Age, was not “icy” at all times. During this period, certain climatic variations occurred, being characterized by warming and higher precipitation rates. The interpretation of sedimentary record from the Last Ice Age is subject to change based on new observations from the field and new interpretations of the climatic curve. A possible definition of climatic events in this period in central Moravia is presented in the paper: „Podhradem Interstadial; A critical review of the middle and late MIS 3 (Denekamp, Hengelo) in Moravia, Czech Republic“ published in Quaternary Science Reviews (IF: 4.747). The paper was contributed by scientists of the Institute of Geology CAS, v.v.i.