Conference on Rock Magnetism and Student Award

Photo by S. Scheidt

Five scientists of the Department of Paleomagnetism of the Institute of Geology participated in the conference “17th Castle Meeting – New Trends on Paleo, Rock and Environmental Magnetism” at Trakošćan, Croatia, at the break of August and September. The conference was aimed at rock paleomagnetism, magnetostratigraphy, environmental magnetism, archaeomagnetism and related topics. Conference abstracts are available here, including 9 contributions (4 lectures and 5 posters) authored or co-authored by Institute staff. At this occasion, Šimon Kdýr was awarded the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for an excellent student presentation. New collaboration was started with University of Chieti – Pescara and the Alpine Laboratory of Paleomagnetism, Pevergno, Italy with the aim to extend research of the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary.