Evolution and dynamics of the salt karst in Zagros Mts., Iran: Denudation rates, age of karst forms, governing factors

01.01.2007 - 31.12.2010
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Michal Filippi
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is coinvestigator
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Jiří Bruthans (Charles University, Prague)

Aim of project is to obtain new data on salt karst in Zagros Mts., Iran with focuse on: 1)Water flow in salt diapers and their surrounding, including study of dissolution and deposition in unsaturated zone of salt karst, and 2) Dating of inland diapir surfaces to depict the history of salt diapers and salt karst evolution. Several methods will be used for describtion of water flow and its residence time in underground (chemical and isotopic analyses, dating ba means of environmental tracers). Diapir surfaces will be dated by means of OSL method and AMS dating of wood twigs in surface/ cave fluvial deposits. Project is successor of grant project GAAV No. B301110501.