High-resolution oristic changes as a response to climatic dynamics during the Late Palaeozoic ice age recorded in the basins of the Bohemian Massif

02.01.2012 - 31.12.2015
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Registration number: 
P 210/12/2053
Internal investigator/coinvestigator: 
Jiří Bek
Interní řešitel: 
is principal investigator
External investigator/coinvestigator: 
Stanislav Opluštil (Charles University Prague), Josef Pšenička (West-Bohemian Museum Plzeň), Milan Libertín (National Museum Prague), Zbyněk Šimůnek (Czech Geological Survey Prague)

Robust sets of mostly unevaluated and unpublished data and material on macroflora and palynomorphs will be re-examined to produce high-resolution biostratigraphic record of the Late Palaeozoic basins in the Bohemian Massif. This in the combination with high-precision radiometric data obtained from syndepositional tuff beds will serve to study floristic dynamics in a detail within an interval from the Serpukhovian to the Sakmarian (~43 My) as a response to the onset of the Late Palaeozoic Ice Age and related climatic oscillations operating on several scales including high-frequency Milankovitch cyclicity to general trend of increasing aridity and potentially also to tectonic processes. In combination with high-precision radiometric ages of volcanoclastics these data will serve for detailed correlations with paralic basins of Eastern Europe where high-resolution biostratigraphy and radiometric dating exist. Radiometric data further improve parallelization of regional and global chronostratigraphic charts and their calibration with radiometric ages.