Inorganic pollutants in selected types of precipitation and their impact on the natural biogeochemical cycles in a model region

03.01.2005 - 29.12.2006
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Ústav fyziky atmosféry AV ČR, v. v. i.

To prove the variability and dependence of concentrations of inorganic pollutants (CIP) throughout the individual episodes on the meteorological conditions by means of the monitoring and analyses of samples of falling (gravitational)- and deposited (occult) atmospheric precipitation events. To assess the response of these types of precipitation in the bedrock and soils and in the metabolism of dominant tree species on the basis of complex study carried out in a forested catchment. CIP in the deposited precipitation depends on the microphysical properties of fog, in particular on the water content (LWC) and on the local contamination sources. In falling precipitation, it is possible to expect the dependence of CIP on the transport trajectory,character of the precipitation cloudiness, its vertical extent and on the process of its feeding by pollutants throughout the transport. Dependence between CIP in the deposited and/or falling precipitation and the dynamics of biogeochemical cycles.