Kinematic and dynamic anisotropy of sedimentary and crystalline rocks: Ultrasonic, synchrotron and neutron diffraction study

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2015
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Tomáš Lokajíček
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is principal investigator

To improve ultrasonic high pressure system, for simultaneous transmitting by P, two perpendicular oriented shear waves and sphere strain measurement. To study relationship between shape of solid rock constituents (clasts) and shape of pore space, their contribution to the bulk symmetry of rock fabric, and validation of the presumption of the transversal isotropy symmetry of phyllosilicate-rich sedimentary rocks. To study influence of the shape of pore space (in 3-dimensions) on the physical (gas and water permeability) and mechanical (deformation) properties. To determine pore space and 3D approximation using direct methods (microscopy, coloration of pores) and indirect methods (ultrasonics, 3D deformation measurement, 3D X-ray tomography). To quantify fabric and kinematic and dynamic anisotropy in rocks and their changes with hydrostatic pressure obtained by ultrasonic and neutron scattering. To develop a comprehensive model that relates elastic properties to rock composition and microstructure.