Mineral magnetic and magnetostratigraphic research of cave and river sediments in the Central Europe

01.01.2002 - 30.12.2005
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Pavel Bosák
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is principal investigator

The palaeomagnetic and magnetostratigraphic research of fluvial and chemogenic cave sediments in selected karst areas in Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Bohemia will be focussed on reconstruction of sedimentary processes both in caves and surface river systems. The stratigraphic correlation of sedimentary sequences from different karst areas will allow us to assess generaly operating mechanisms controlling character of surface and subsurface drainage. Changes in stream discharge, vegetation density, erosion intensity and weathering will be studied based on mineral magnetic indicators (anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility, phase changes, magnetic grain size, etc.) with the aim to define conditions, which influence these processes. Obtained results help to evaluate the conditions and history of speleogenesis in different karst areas in the Central Europe.