Palaeoecological pattern of Coal Seams of the Lampertice Member, Jan Šverma Mine, Intra-Sudetic Basin (Langsettian)

01.01.2003 - 30.12.2005
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Jiřina Dašková
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is principal investigator
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Národní muzeum, Česká geologická služba, Západočeské muzeum v Plzni, Univerzita Karlova v Praze

Going open-cast mining at former Jan Šverma Mine provides very good and the last chance for palaeoecological research of Upper Carboniferous (lower Westphalian) swamp biotopes of the Intra Sudetic Basin. It is just the only mine with opencast black coal-mining in the Czech Republic. Coal-mining activities will continue only for a few next years. The project combines sedimentological, geological and palaeontological methods of research. The main aims of the project are: -characterisation of fossil plant assemblages, their specific and generic composition, palaeoecological characterisation of biotopes, -characterisation of sedimantary environment and main sedimantary processes of swamps of studied coal seams and clasic systems where coal seams originated. This type of research has never been done in the Intra Sudetic Basin.