Přídolí Series in the Prague Synform - proposal for chronostratigraphic subdivision

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019
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Ladislav Slavík
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is principal investigator

The Přídolí Series remains unique in the Phanerozoic as it is the only series recognized by the IUGS that has not been formally divided into stages. This state is being criticized for a long timeas it causes serious difficulties in global correlation of the upper Silurian. The GSSP of the Přídolí Series is in the Prague Synform, where it consists of carbonate facies rich in conodonts accompanied by moderately common graptolites. Therefore the main focus on possible subdivision of the Přídolí is based on integration of graptolite and refined conodont biozonation. The interpretation and timing of paleoenvironmental changes and bioevents across the Přídolí will be based on studies of six selected sections in the stratotype area and will include: 1. biotic data (changes in plankto-nekto-benthic faunas), 2. geochemical data (trace elements geochemistry and δ18O and δ13C isotope analyses), and 3. chemo–physical data (MS and GRS logs). A generalized correlation chart for the Přídolí Series in the Prague Synform with all available data will be a basis for prospective global subdivision. The aim of the project is integration of data on marine faunas and geochemical data from sections of the Prague Synform into a generalized correlation chart for the Přídolí Series in the stratotype area as a key document for the prospective chronostratigraphic subdivision of the Series.