Reconstruction of uplifting history in the Fuegian Andes cenhal belt (souttrem Tiera del Fuego, Argentina)

01.01.2014 - 31.12.2015
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Martin Svojtka
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is principal investigator
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Česká geologická služba v Praze
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Dagmar Kořínková

The aim of the proposed project is dating of the main tectonometamorphic phases and also reconstruction of low-temperature evolution of the eastern part of the Cordillera Darwin on Argentine territory of Tierra del Fuego and their comparison and the connection of the available data from the Chilean side. Previously published similar studies developed by the Czech team in the Antarctic Peninsula will serve as a basement for comparison and establishment of the geological evolution of the southernmost Andes and the Antarctic Peninsula. The results obtained during the resolution of this project will be used for better understanding of the geological evolution of the territory in the area of southern Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula.