Speleological discoveries awarded

A Chinese cave

Speleological discoveries in China (here), participated by the Institute of Geology CAS, received an award for the most important foreign discovery in 2016 at the 36th Speleoforum Meeting. Speleoforum is the annual meeting of members of the Czech Speleological Society and other cavers. Its purpose is to present results achieved during the past year. Speleoforum lasts three days and includes: (i) professional lectures in karstology, geology and other fields; (ii) lectures in practical speleology and (iii) excursions to the Moravian Karst. Together with the meeting, an annual journal “Speleoforum” is published.
Motyčka Z., Filippi M. (2017): Shaanxi 2016: První české stopy v Číně. Speleofórum 2017, roč. 36, Česká speleologická společnost - Praha. 59-69. (In Czech with English abstract)