Thermochronologic constraints on the evolution of eastern Magallanes foreland basin sediments.

02.01.2012 - 31.12.2013
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Martin Svojtka
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is principal investigator
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Česká geologická služba

The proposed project is aimed at the deciphering of potential sedimentary resources and process of sedimentations in the Magallanes foreland basin of the southernmost Andes (Tierra del Fuego) in cooperation with Argentinean colleagues. In order to reconstruct model for basin low-temperature evolution of sediments, we will date zircons and apatites using fission-track analytical technique. Integral part of the project will be modelling of time-temperature exhumation/burial of rocks based on the individual fission-track age and fission-track track length of studied apatites and zircons. Using fision-track geochronological technique for a Magallanes basin sediments allows a more complex interpretations of sedimetary evolution of the Patagonian orocline connected with the late Eocene’s final opening of Drake Passage and separation of Patagonia from Antarctic Peninsula.