Three-dimensional fabric of pore space in sedimentary rocks: correlation to the physical and mechanical properties

01.01.2008 - 31.12.2010
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Tomáš Lokajíček
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Richard Přikryl (Charles University, Prague)

The main objective of this project is clarification of the contribution of pores space on physical and mechanical properties of highly porous rocks, i.e. rocks in which pores make important part of bulk rock fabric. The study will be focused on the following research tasks:- relationship between shape of solid rock constituents (clasts) and shape of pore space, their contribution to the bulk symmetry of rock fabric, and validation of the presumption of the transversal isotropy symmetry of clastic sedimentary rocks;- influence of the shape of pore space (in 3-dimensions) on the physical (gas and water permeability, water absorption, capillarity) and mechanical (deformation, strength) properties;- research on the possible determination of pore space and 3D approximation using direct methods (optical microscopy equipped with the image analysis, electron microscopy, diagnostic colouration of pores) and indirect methods (anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility using suction of magnetic fluid in