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Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Lukáš Ackerman, PhD

deputy head of department, scientist

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Rozvojová 269, 165 00 Praha 6 - Lysolaje, Czech Republic
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Suchdol 332

My research include geochemistry of upper mantle rocks as well as magmatic rocks and specific mineralogy from various geotectonic this approach comprises bulk and trace element radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry and fluid inclusion

MSc. thesis was focused on genesis and evolution of granitic pegmatites from Vlastejovice region (E Bohemia). Two distinct types of pegmatites (fluorite-bearing barren and lithium-bearing) were studied in order to explain their P-T conditions as well as composition and evolution of associated fluids. Additionally, origin of reaction rims of the barren pegmatites with enormous quantities of fluorite and other F-bearing minerals was discussed.

PhD. thesis was oriented on upper mantle xenoliths from various tectonic terrains of the Bohemian Massif. This study has two main objectives: (1) trace element (LILE, HFSE) and isotope geochemistry and (2) behaviour of platinum-group elements (PGE) during partial melting, fractional and enrichment processes in the upper mantle including Re-Os geochemistry and laser ablation PGE analyses of upper mantle mineral phases (including silicates).

Simultaneously, I studied platinum-group element geochemistry of strongly differentiated magmatic complexes (peridotites, gabbross, Fe-diorites) from the Bohemian Massif and PGE mineralization associated with (ultra)mafic rocks.

My current projects are focused on Re-Os geochemistry of mantle pyroxenites, geochemistry of various upper mantle xenoliths from the Bohemian Massif and numerous analytical issues especially adaptation of Re-Os technique on upgraded TIMS instrument at Czech Geological Survey

Research projects: