Jindrich Hladil 2010

Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Jindřich Hladil, DrSc.

emeritus scientist - academical, senior scientist

+420 233 087 238
hladilatgli [dot] cas [dot] cz

Rozvojová 269, 165 00 Praha 6 - Lysolaje, Czech Republic
Room number: 
Suchdol 231
carbonate systems and experimental sedimentology (and studies across various disciplines)

Concerning the professional interests and expertise in geosciences and interdisciplinary research, there are many fields which form an expanding network of tasks which were (or are) solved personally and/or gradually delegated to other persons and teams, trainees or advanced co-operators. It is necessary to distinguish between the original or traditional (sometimes former) disciplines and these which have been developed in the most recent years.
Originally: carbonate systems, rock diagenesis, sediments, basins, orogens & lithosphere, tectonics, regional geology, oil prospection, mineral exploration, volcano-sedimentary complexes, geological mapping, environmental protection, Paleozoic and Devonian stratigraphy, paleontology & paleogeography, corals, conodonts, natural biosystems, biotic extinctions & recoveries, environmental crises, Cenozoic and Recent environments, geomicrobiology & extremophiles....
Nowadays: geological aspects of particle laden flows, multiphase flows & polydispersions, pattern structures in particulate matter, experimental sedimentology, atmospheric dust & aerosols, magnetic susceptibility stratigraphy, growth rhythms in sediments & organic skeletal matter, geoscience aspects of complex system behaviour & complex signal analysis, anisotropy of multigeneration polycrystalline aggregates....


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