Chemical composition of moldavites from the Cheb Basin and their relationship to other tektites of the Central European strewn field

03.01.2005 - 29.12.2006
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Roman Skála
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is principal investigator

Next to the classical occurrences in southern Bohemia, western Moravia, northern Austria and Lusatia (Germany), moldavites were found also in the Pliocene sediments in the Cheb Basin. Compared to other localities only a littte is known about the chemicalcomposition of moldavites from this region so far: totally four pieces were analyzed for major elements only using electron microporobe techniques. The aim of the project is to provide as complete as possible chemical characteristics of the moldavites from this region based on more representative sample collection. No trace and minor element determination for the moldavites from the Cheb Basin exists so far - the data proposed to be yielded in the framework of this project will represent the first such determination ever. The detailed chemical composition study will reveal the mutual relationships to Bohemian. Moravian, Lusatian and Austrian moldavites which are not clear at the moment.