The effect of the Basal Choteč Event on faunistic communities of the Prague Basin

02.01.2006 - 31.12.2008
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Leona Chadimová
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is coinvestigator
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Česká geologická služba
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Jindřich Hladil
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Ladislav Slavík

We propose to undertake an analysis of the effect of Basal Choteč event (early Eifelian, Middle Devonian) on faunistic communities in the Prague Basin based on synthesis of paleontological, geochemical, petrographical and geophysical data. The Basal Choteč event was documented from several areas of the Europe and the North Africa. The Prague Basin provides a number of appropriate sections for studies on the Basal Choteč event in different environments. Thus, the detailed evaluation of changes of biotic and abiotic parameters across the Basal Choteč event can provide scope for an interesting study capable of shedding light not only on the effect of the Basal Choteč event on faunistic communities, but also on the evolutionary changes and stability of Devonian faunas, and their reactions to changes of some environmental factors, and subsequently to bring a contribution to our better understanding of basic evolutionary mechanisms.