Integrated late Silurian (Ludlow-Přídolí) stratigraphy of the Prague Synform

01.01.2009 - 31.12.2013
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Ladislav Slavík
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is principal investigator
External investigator/coinvestigator: 
Geological Survey Prague, Štěpán Manda
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Petr Storch

The project concerns late Silurian (Ludlow-Přídolí) conodont and graptolite faunas, their taxonomic revisions and biostratigraphic applications. Pending problems in global conodont biostratigraphy and taxonomy caused considerable difficulties in inter-regional correlations. Progress in the worldwide correlation of classic sections of the Prague Synform would be attained by integration of all available and newly obtained stratigraphic data considering different paleoenvironmental conditions with special emphasis on detailed correlation of conodont and graptolite faunas. Paleoenvironmental interpretations will be based especially on changes in the composition of benthic and nektonic faunas. The entire succession of the Upper Silurian in its type area will be supported by a complete and detailed carbon isotope log, and detected local and/or global events will be precisely dated by high-resolution stratigraphy. The goal of the proposed project is to fill blank spots in the stratigraphy of the late Silurian in the classic area near Prague and enhance the correlation potential of the sections that may have crucial implications for the precision of global late Silurian stratigraphy.