Multi-approach study of processes in sandstone exposures: new view on study and interpretation of selected sandstone landforms

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2015
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Michal Filippi
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Salt weathering is considered to be a key factor for evolution of many sandstone landforms. The grant project is aimed to characterize the properties and processes, which are critical for salt weathering, but they were not studied in detail under eld conditions. These are among others the migration of water, vapour and dissolved salts in surcial zone of sandstone/its crust. Hypotheses concerning fundamental role of evaporation rate temporary changes to cavernous weathering will be tested as well. In Strelec Quarry (active sandstone quarry with abandoned exposures of various ages including the incipient crusts) the methods adopted from laboratory techniques will be applied. Their results will be tested by fully destructive but proven techniques. Developed approach to study and characterize the processes in surface zone of sandstone will be consequently applied to natural sandstone exposures in the Czech Republic