Neutron texture analysis of carbonates and gabbros

01.01.2008 - 31.12.2010
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Jindřich Hladil
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is coinvestigator
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Ladislav Kalvoda (České vysoké učení technické v Praze)
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Martin Chadima
Internal collaborators: 
Leona Chadimová

Crystallographic preferred orientation of crystalline rocks will be investigated by neutron diffraction texture analysis and co-related to a number of physical, chemical, and morphological measurements. The study will be performed on two series of rock samples - carbonates and meta-gabbros - taken so as to reflect the material evolution with respect to parameters of petrogenetic processes, namely the pressure and temperature conditions, deformation, and geochemical influences. The texture data will be juxtaposed with the results obtained by electron backscatter diffraction and expressed in form of orientation distribution function suitable for development of models dealing with anisotropy of physical properties: magnetic susceptibility, optical birefringence, electrical conductivity, and velocity of seismic wave propagation. The knowledge will serve to model the relations among the crystallographic preferred orientation, microstructural evolution of the geo-materials under study and their