Paleomagnetism & geochemistry of volcanic rocks: Implications to palaeosetting and development of the Prague Basin (Late Ordovician – Early Devonian)

01.01.2010 - 31.12.2014
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Petr Pruner
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is principal investigator
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Leona Chadimová
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Petr Schnabl
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Petr Storch

Prague Basin (PB) has become worldwide known area of Lower Palaeozoic due to extensive palaeontological and biostratigraphical investigations. However, disproportional palaeomagnetic and geochemical research does not permit the interpretation of PB palaeosetting and its development. The proposed project is focused on study of volcanic rocks within the Late Ordovician-Early Devonian sequences of the PB. At first, we intend to biostratigraphically establish ages of volcanic phases and use data on petrology, mineral and whole-rock geochemistry and Nd-Sr-Pb isotopes to constrain the character, petrogenesis and geotectonic setting of volcanites of the PB. At second, we intend to define and build new palaeomagnetic database with additional information of palaeomeridians, palaeolatitudes and of the approximate ages. Finally, by integration of the palaeomagnetic position development and geotectonic setting evolution of volcanites, we will determine the PB palaeosetting and its development; improve the location of peri-Gondwanan terranes and contribute to the Early Palaeozoic palaeogeography.