Re-Os geochronology of ore mineralizations from the Bohemian Massif with possible metallogenic implications

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2016
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Lukáš Ackerman
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is principal investigator
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Czech Geological Survey
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Jana Ďurišová
Internal collaborators: 
Eva Vosáhlová - parental leave
Internal collaborators: 
Martin Svojtka
Internal collaborators: 
Karel Žák

The Re-Os isotopic system represents unique tool for gechronology of ore mineralizations. The Bohemian massif is very
important metallogenic unit within the European Variscan province, because it hosts abundant mineralizations/deposits of
different types (e.g., hydrothermal Au, polymetalic Pb-Zn-(Ag), hydrothermal U and U-Ag-Bi-Co-Ni, volcanosedimentary Pb-
Zn-Cu and Ni-Cu-(PGE) mineralizations). However, the age of these mineralizations remains mostly unknown and therefore, the
aim of this project is to improve our knowledge about geochronology of selected ore mineralizations, timing/chemistry of
multiple ore generations and its effect on Re-Os geochronology and their genetic linkage to possible base/precious metal
sources associated with different geotectonic units of the Bohemian Massif.