WASM 2016

Second announcement

International Workshop on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology

2016, May 26 - 28

Masaryk University

Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v. v. i.

Mendel University in Brno

Czech Geological Society

Dear colleagues,

The workshop on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology will be held from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon in the building G1 of Faculty of Natural Sciences on Kotlářská 2, Department of Geological sciences in Brno. Those who want to join are kindly asked to arrive one day in advance, i.e. Wednesday evening to be ready for the first morning session.

Preliminary program:

26.5. (Thursday): microscopic session (9:00 – 17:00) with coffee breaks and lunch

                               19:00 – Conference dinner

27.5. (Friday): microscopic session (9:00 – 17:00) with coffee breaks and lunch

28.5. (Saturday): excursion (9:00 – 17:00)

We have room for 30 participants.

Costs are 50 EURO pp. (incl. lunches, excl. dinner and excursion)

Program details:

Like the previous workshops, most of the time will be reserved for “microscope time”. Therefore presentations will mostly be in the form of posters if you like. There will be a space for two key notes,  which are in discussion right now. Everybody is asked to bring and present shortly her/his own thin sections provided for the workshop microscoping. Please send us in advance a short description of your sections you want to present. We will manage the print version of your presentation to make it available for other participants and for their better orientation. Due to the high number of potential participants we are forced to say that the short presentation together with the payment of 50 Euro, will be required for your participation.

Suggested structure of your presentations: 1) Name of site: xx; 2) Context: (including the figure with the sampling positions and macroscopical description); 3) Interesting points in micromorphological description of your thin section; 4) Preliminary interpretations resulting from your micromorphological description

The Thursday evening is booked for conference dinner. The price is 15 euro and should be booked in advance.

The excursion programme includes Roman temporary camps near Mikulov, Dolní Věstonice last climatic cycle section and Early Medieval Great Moravia site in Mikulčice. For those who want to join the short guide will be prepared. The thin sections from these sites will be presented during the workshop. The price will be approximately 20 euro, but it depends on the number of people who will book the excursion.

Please fill and copy this short application into the e-mail and send it to the address lisaatgli [dot] cas [dot] cz if you are interested to join the workshop.

Application for the WASM 2016



e-mail address:

Title of thin section presentation:

I want to join the conference dinner: yes/no

I prefer vegetarian dinner: yes/no

I want to join excursion: yes/no

We hope to see you in Brno!

On behalf of the organizers,

Lenka Lisá and Aleš Bajer

lisaatgli [dot] cas [dot] cz; bajeratmendelu [dot] cz